September 09, 2009

The Illiberal Conspiracy

A couple bits from the Illiberal Conspiracy.

First: Why don't pensions critics attack the fat-cats? Because how a private business spends its money is its business, but how the public sector spends my money is my business, perhaps?

Second their 10 point plan to save Labour ... from ever winning office again. It shouldn't really be surprising anymore that the ironically titled 'liberal conspiracy' would promote something as illiberal as getting bureaucrats to control peoples wages, and more and higher taxes, plus the mass expropriation of wealth.

In a way that this hodge-podge of higher taxes and more state control is actually being promoted in connection to somebody that is a possibility for next Labour leader is a good thing. It means that they are going to lurch to the left so far that it will be at least a decade before they are in the least bit electable, and that means at more than a decade before the time that people can be held without charge will be increased.


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